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There's a Mark Levine book called 'The Jazz Theory Book.' I would suggest getting it and doing two pages a day just to study it and learn to read some basic piano, even if you can only pick out one note at a time. As you work through it you'll notice the way you hear and the way you sing will automatically start to change. It's like looking at the world and not knowing it's all blurry — you can make your way through, but then you get glasses and everything gets clearer and clearer. I think that's really important.”

Esperanza Spalding

Bestselling Books by Mark Levine

Jazz Method Books

Randy Vincent is an extraordinary musician who also happens to play the guitar. With this book, he gives a real life approach to voicing chords on the instrument that will allow both the student and the professional a clear way to illuminate harmonies in the most sensible and transparent way. With almost every student I have had I have stressed the issue of getting the most mileage out of the least notes whenever possible. This book lays it out in clear and concise terms.”

Pat Metheny

Informative, readily comprehensible, and highly imaginative. I recommend it for any bassist interested in expanding his awareness in the art of improvising.”

Eddie Gomez

Especially for Student Musicians

An excellent book, useful to beginners as well as advanced players.”

Michael Brecker

World-Class Fakebooks

Terrific publication. Great collection of tunes and really nicely presented and printed.”

Chick Corea

Latin Music Books