The Dave Tull Songbook

Sample Audio Files

  1. The Airplane Song:
  2. The Calm Before The Storm: Not yet recorded
  3. Clapping on One and Three:
  4. The Date: Rubato Verse:
  5. Every Other Day I Have The Blues:
  6. Fly By The Seat of My Pants:
  7. Henrietta:
  8. I Just Want To Get Paid:
  9. I Will Sing To You:
  10. I'm Forever In A Fog:
  11. If You Hadn't Seen Me There:
  12. The Minutes Pass Like Hours When You Sing:
  13. Personal Space: Not Yet Recorded
  14. Please Tell Me Your Name:
  15. Reply All: Not Yet Recorded
  16. Stoplight At The End Of The Street:
  17. Take One Look At Me:
  18. The Texting Song:
  19. This Summer Night:
  20. Watch Your Kid:
  21. You're Talking' Too Loud:

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