The Andy Narell Songbook

by Sher Music Co.

Andy Narell's music is unique — at once sophisticated, soulful and rhythmically infectious. He is a real innovator in both the Latin Jazz world and the steel pan world, with records that straddle both genres. Besides all that, he is simply a great improviser and, as you will be able to tell from this songbook, a world-class composer of contemporary music. Have fun adding these great songs to your band's repertoire!

The Andy Narell Songbook includes:

  • 20 of his best songs, direct from Andy's own lead sheets!
  • Digital format - whole book only, 123 pages - just $14
  • Access to streaming audio of the songs


  1. Abacoco
  2. Armchair Psychology
  3. Baby Steps
  4. Blue Mazooka
  5. Coffee Street
  6. Dance Class
  7. Dazzle of Zebras
  8. Dee Mwa Wee
  9. Dis 1.4. Raf
  10. Heads or Tails
  1. Jenny's Room
  2. Kalinda
  3. Little Secrets
  4. Out of the Blue
  5. Play One For Keith
  6. Song for Mia
  7. The Last Word
  8. The Long Way Back
  9. We Kinda Music
  10. You The Man

Sample Lead Sheet

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