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Replacement Parts

These additional parts are offered here so that groups with instrumentation different from the basic Real Cool Book will still be able to play these charts. So if your group doesn't have a trumpet player, for example, we have here the same part (or very close) written for alto sax, for flute, and also for vibes. Each of these books are, of course, transposed for the key of the instrument playing it.

These parts could also be used as additional parts that double the original part. So for instance both a trumpet and vibes could play Part 1 together.

Be careful when it comes to the solo sections, however. If you are an alto player playing the Part 1 (trumpet) part, do not solo on the Alto solo sections, but rather on the Part 1 solo sections. This should become clear once you have looked the parts over. Enjoy!

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Horn Part 1 - Alto sax

Horn Part 1 - Trumpet

Horn Part 1 - Flute

Horn Part 1 - Vibes

Horn Part 2 - Guitar

Horn Part 2 - Tenor sax

Horn Part 2 - Trumpet

Horn Part 3 - Alto sax

Horn Part 3 - Trombone

Horn Part 4 - Tenor sax

Horn Part 5 - Trombone

Piano Part - Guitar

Download Scores ($11.00 each)

Title Download PDF

Bernie's Tune - Score

Blues Dance - Score

Boplicity - Score

Dance For Daddy - Score

Ellingtonesque - Score

Java Junction - Score

Jazz Goes To Siwash - Score

Mikes Peak - Score

Rocker - Score

Sandy Shoes - Score

Theme For An Angel - Score

Walkin' Shoes - Score

Westwood Walk - Score

You're My Everything - Score

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