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In Adobe Reader, the table of contents is called Bookmarks:

More info at Adobe:

In iBooks (iPad, iPhone)

In Preview (Mac)

Download PDF to your computer →
Open iTunes →
Add to Library →
Connect iPad →
To make set lists in forScore, use the Import TOC in Bookmarks to get the Table of Contents. From there, you can create set lists. For more info, please see the forScore User Guide:

After the PDF has downloaded to your iPad, tap on the top right of the screen and select "Open in iBooks"

1 Sometimes (unfortunately) the email containing the download link winds up in a customer's Spam folder instead of their Inbox. If you've received the email receipt from PayPal for your order (but not the one with the download link from, please check your Spam folder first before opening a support ticket. Thank you!

2 Please check your Primary PayPal email address (this is where the download email is sent). Thank you!
Orders for individuals are processed by Music Dispatch of Winona, MN.
Any questions concerning shipping or status should be directed to:
Music Dispatch Customer Service   Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST
Phone: +1 (800) 637-2852
CD Downloads for books with audio components can be found at:
For questions regarding The Digital Real Book, please contact Sheet Music Now at:

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