Falling somewhere between poetry and ‘dharma talks,’ the words on this CD spring from experiences I had during a particularly fertile period in my own evolution. I am not an experienced poet nor a trained reciter of poetry. Nonetheless, I feel there is value here for those of us who are interested in the untapped potential of our inner lives. It is to you that I dedicate this labor of love.

Not being an audacious person by nature, I feel called to try to release this CD because it seems to me that some kind of higher force has been guiding this project from the beginning. For example, I would simply start reading what I had written along with a piece of music that had a similar emotional content. In case after case, like magic, the music wrapped itself around the words (sometimes line by line!) as if it had been created specifically for this purpose. I felt, and continue to feel, honored to be the midwife for these ‘marriages made in heaven.’

The costs of producing this myself are beyond my personal budget, so I am putting some tracks up here in the hopes that some kindred souls who resonate with them will be able and willing to help with the financing of this project. If so, please contact me at shermuse@sonic.net

A related release from Sher Music Co., “Poetry+Jazz: A Magical Marriage” features the work of master poets such as Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Kenneth Rexroth, Philip Levine, Mark Strand, Alison Luterman, Stephen Dunn, etc. Please see https://www.shermusic.com/1883217822.php to listen to free sample tracks of this CD.

Peace & Clarity to all – Chuck Sher

Sample Tracks
Two Ways to Get to Now
Something Sacred
Like Now
The Invisible Cage
Stop the War
An Inner Monastery
His Final Gift
Two Plates Twirling
A Perfect Time
The Necessity of Opposition
No Atheists in a Foxhole
Snapshots #8
Meditation on the Night Sky
Just the Beginning