Digital Book CDs

1. The Blues Scales (C) 64MB
2. The Blues Scales (Eb) 64MB
3. The Blues Scales (Guitar) 64MB
4. Walking Bassics 53MB
5. Jazz Guitar Voicings - Vol.1 45MB
6. The Latin Bass Book 216MB
7. Jazz Piano Masterclass: The Drop 2 Book 22MB
8. The Serious Jazz Practice Book 18MB
9. The Brazilian Guitar Book 51MB
10. The Real Easy Ear Training Book 106MB
11. The Jazz Harmony Book 38MB
12. An Approach to Comping: The Essentials 157MB
13. Concepts for Bass Soloing 186MB
14. Inside the Brazilian Rhythm Section 87MB

Please Note: These CDs are available to download without charge for the personal use of purchasers of the legal digital versions of these books. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, file-sharing, or commercial use of these tracks without written permission from the publisher constitutes theft of our intellectual property and is expressly forbidden (not to mention just plain wrong). Legal versions of these digital books can be found on our Digital Books page.

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