The Steve Khan Songbook

by Sher Music Co.

Steve Khan is a master of contemporary Latin jazz, in addition to his catalog of straight-ahead and fusion songs. Learn the secrets to his fresh approach to music by studying the unique compositions contained in the Steve Khan Songbook!

The Steve Khan Songbook includes:

  • 20 of his best songs, direct from Steve's own lead sheets!
  • Digital format - whole book only, 68 pages - just $14
  • Access to streaming audio of the songs


  1. An Eye Over Autumn
  2. Anhelante
  3. Blue Zone
  4. Buddy System
  5. Change Agent
  6. Daily Bulls
  7. Daily Village
  8. Descarga Khanalonious
  9. El Tacano
  10. El Vinon
  1. Eyewitness
  2. Got My Mental
  3. Guy Lafleur
  4. Naan Issue
  5. Safe and Sound (Sano y Salvo)
  6. The Blue Shadow
  7. The Green Field
  8. Tightrope
  9. Uncle Roy
  10. What I'm Said

Sample Lead Sheet