The Improvisor's Bass Method

by Chuck Sher

The only bass book you will need.”
— Paul Jackson, bassist with Herbie Hancock

The most comprehensive bass method book ever published!

A complete method book, over 200 pages, filled with information and exercises on all aspects of bass playing, for both acoustic and electric bass.

Plus transcribed bass lines and solos by:

  • Eddie Gomez
  • Ron Carter
  • David Friesen
  • Charles Mingus
  • James Jamerson
  • Ray Brown
  • Paul Jackson
  • Scott LaFaro
  • Marcus Miller
  • George Mraz
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Paul Chambers
  • Alphonso Johnson
  • Jimmy Garrison
... and more!

Spiral-bound, 218 pages.


What makes the book outstanding is how it covers both the basics and the more creative aspects of bass playing. Recommended for electric or upright bass players at all levels of musicianship.”
— Jazz Educators Journal

Chuck Sher has put together a book that is informative, readily comprehensible, and highly imaginative. I recommend it for any bassist interested in expanding his awareness in the art of improvising.”
— Eddie Gomez, bassist with Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and many others

...aimed at helping everyone, from novice to veteran, become more adept at handling either electric or acoustic upright bass... quite informative.”
— Guitar Player Magazine

...a very comprehensive study of both the acoustic and electric basses. You are welcome to my endorsement.”
— Bob Magnusson, bassist with Joe Farrell, Sarah Vaughan, instructor at the Bass Institute of Technology

This book is a wonderful contribution to the art of jazz bass playing.”
— Lennie Lasher, bassist with the San Francisco Symphony and jazz recording artist

The book is great and Chuck Sher is to be congratulated. It is very thorough and gives a great deal of knowledge about both instruments. This is really an excellent theory book and a reference book too.”
— Rufus Reid, author of "The Evolving Bassist"

Undoubtedly the finest book of its kind available today... Sher's book demonstrates a profound understanding of the nature of improvisation... Recommended for any and all bassists, classical, jazz or rock. Teachers of improvisation will find it the only reliable and comprehensive text available.”
— International Society of Bassists Newsletter

Chuck Sher has sincerely made an honest and musical effort to bring to bass players a complete book on how to approach the bass violin as a creative instrument... used not as a means to an end, it may become a very valuable source of information to the serious bass player.”
— David Friesen, Inner City Records recording artist

When I was just starting out and got "The Improvisor's Bass Method"it really gave me a jumpstart on the whole idea of what it means to be a jazz bass player, and the transcriptions opened me up to all the great bassists waiting for me to discover. Thanks!”
— Larry Grenadier, bassist with Brad Mehldau, Fly

I'm very impressed by Sher Music's books in general but I'd particularly like to mention “The Improvisor's Bass Method” - a true classic and one of the few books that can just be opened at a random page to find something useful, interesting and inspiring to practice. Thanks!”
— Rob Crowdy

Chuck Sher started as a jazz musician in 1970 and founded Sher Music Co. in 1979 with "The Improvisor's Bass Method." This book received acclaim and paved the way for the '80s "The New Real Book," a legitimate alternative to the earlier illegal version. Sher's company later published hits like "The Jazz Piano Book" and "The Jazz Theory Book" by Mark Levine. With over 100 books in jazz and Latin music, and endorsements from artists like Chick Corea and Esperanza Spalding, Sher Music Co. stands as a top small music publisher. Sher's commitment to quality is rooted in his musician background, aiming to produce accurate and high-quality books.