The True Cuban Bass

by Carlos Del Puerto & Silvio Vergara

For Acoustic or Electric Bass!
  • English and Spanish text
  • Includes CD download of either historic Cuban recordings or Carlos playing each exercise
  • Many transcriptions of complete bass parts for tunes in different Cuban styles - the roots of salsa
  • Spiral-bound, 63 pages.

Sample Page and Audio Track

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This is a wonderful book. The combined efforts of these distinguished members of the Cuban school of the bass has resulted in a highly educative product, recommendable to all bass players and to anyone desiring to expand their knowledge of our music.”
— Paquito D'Rivera

This will improve your partnership with the Latin rhythm section.”
— Jimmy Haslip

This is a magnificent book which will bring all bassists closer to authentic Latin music.”
— Chucho Valdes

A musical lifesaver for any musician wishing to dig a little deeper into the wonders of Cuban music.”
— Rebeca Mauleon

Great information for any musician interested in the inside of the Afro-Cuban bass. From traditional to contemporary bass, this book is a must for all levels. Great job!”
— Oscar Stagnaro

An exceptional book written by two authorities on Afro-Cuban music. For the intermediate or professional bassist, this is it! For the composer or arranger, this is the definitive source of information on the subject.”
— Victor Mendoza

Bassist Carlos D’l Puerto is a living legend of Afro-Cuban music. As a founding member of the seminal fusion group Irakere, whose other members included Paquito D’Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, and Chucho Valdés, he helped create a new genre of jazz and Cuban fusion. He’s been an essential part of the Afro-Cuban scene ever since, but he rarely appears in the U.S.