The Brazilian Guitar Book

Samba, Bossa Nova and other Brazilian Styles

by Nelson Faria

A complete guide to playing guitar accompaniment and chord melodies in various Brazilian styles — Samba, Bossa Nova, Frevo

Comes with a CD download of Nelson demonstrating each exercise, plus a tune in each style.

Many variations of basic comping patterns written out, each with complete chord voicings.

Also includes short transcriptions of guitar parts as recorded by Toninho Horta, Joao Bosco, Joao Gilberto

Spiral-bound, 143 pages.

Sample Page and CD Track

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When I think about Brasil, I think about “Violao” (that's what we call the nylon string guitar in our country). The art of playing “Violao” looks simple, but it isn't and this book shows how to assimilate and how to understand this art. This makes me feel happy. With talent and clear information, Nelson will help guitar players all around the world to enjoy all the pleasures of this wonderful instrument. Make good use of this excellent musical book!”
— Leny Andrade

Nelson Faria was the right person to write this book, which contains examples and transcriptions of Brazil's greatest guitarists. This talented musician and dedicated music professor has a deep knowledge of Brazilian music and its rhythmic, melodic and harmonic subtleties.”
— Toninho Horta

Nelson Faria's book is a welcome addition to the guitar literature. I'm sure those who work with this volume will benefit greatly.”
— Joe Diorio

Nelson Faria is a significant figure in Brazilian music, with 12 CDs, 6 books, a DVD, and a video lesson to his name. As a guitarist, arranger, and producer, he's contributed to over 200 CDs, collaborating with artists like João Bosco, Ivan Lins, and Milton Nascimento. He has performed in over 30 countries, making him a globally recognized talent.