Jazz Guitar Voicings

Vol.1: The Drop 2 Book

by Randy Vincent

I'm so thrilled to see a book by my greatest teacher, Randy Vincent! Randy's deep musical and theoretical understanding of the guitar have been invaluable to me. His book provides insight into the orchestral qualities of the guitar and how to apply this knowledge to any musical context.”
— Julian Lage

Have you ever wondered how guitarists like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall find such full, luscious voicings for their chord melody playing? Well, much of that sound is based on the "Drop 2" principle of chord voicings.

JAZZ GUITAR VOICINGS: THE DROP 2 BOOK by veteran guitarist Randy Vincent explains exactly how you can get that same sound too!

This book has sections that cover:

  • All the basic principals of drop 2 melody harmonization including passing tones and extension tones as well as basic chord tones.
  • Practical, guitar-friendly methods for creating hip, modern sounds by "tweaking" the basic drop 2 voicings.
  • Clear methods for soloing and comping in drop 2, including melodic enclosures, special guitar-oriented chromatic effects, and a system of modal drop 2 harmony.
  • An organized practice routine, including fingerboard diagrams as well as standard notation, to fully develop all the concepts mentioned above in a hands-on approach, with a minimum of theory.

You will find that this book covers this essential material in a unique way unlike any other guitar book available today.

$25 price includes book and 2 CD download of the author demonstrating each exercise.

Spiral-bound, 69 pages.

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Like many people, I didn't know what 'drop 2' meant until now! But Randy Vincent has done a wonderful job in putting together a very systematic and comprehensive book that will be of great value to all guitarists that want to develop and improve their chord melody playing. I might just use some of these tasty voicings myself!”
— Barry Finnerty

Randy Vincent has drawn on his decades of experience as a guitarist and teacher to create a very useful book of chord voicings. The material is well presented, and the wealth of material is placed in context to allow the serious student to absorb everything. I found Randy's book really helpful. I will use it as a reference myself, and will recommend it highly to all of my friends and students.”
— John Stowell

Randy Vincent presents the inner workings of the 'drop 2' voicing for guitar more comprehensively than other publications I have encountered. All the examples are written out clearly and explained in great detail. This book is an invaluable aid to any guitarist that desires to look more deeply into the study of jazz harmony with an emphasis on the most practical and commonly used voicing, the 'drop 2.' It's clear that Randy has put his heart and soul into this great work, as it reflects so much musical wisdom.”
— Larry Koonse

Randy's playing speaks for itself and now this intelligent and fascinating contribution to guitar literature seals his reputation as a fine educator too.”
— Mimi Fox

This is a very unique book focused on 4-note voicings for the guitar. The chapters are well organized with lots of interesting voicing examples of jazz standard melodies. Especially the "tweaking" techniques are inspiring. Also the attached CDs are a great help. Recommended!!”
— Satoshi Inoue

I think the book is very well thought-out and thorough. It's everything you could ever want to know about drop 2 voicings. I especially like the included CDs where Randy plays the examples. Thanks!”
— Steve Masakowski

Great book. I will be adding this one as a required text for my students.”
— Vic Juris

I love the Drop 2 Guitar Book! I'm working through the exercises and learning a lot. Beautifully done!”
— Peter Sprague

Randy Vincent is a seasoned jazz guitarist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he balances performing and teaching. He has collaborated with a wide array of musicians, from Joe Henderson to Dizzy Gillespie, and performed at major jazz festivals like Monterey and San Francisco Jazz Festivals. Vincent has been teaching jazz guitar at Sonoma State University since 1981 and also instructs at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Notable among his students are Julian Lage, who has toured with the Gary Burton Quartet, and Dave McNab, who has appeared on national television shows. Randy has also conducted clinics across the U.S. and taught internationally.