An Approach to Comping:
The Essentials

by Jeb Patton

The best book on 'comping there is!”
— Mark Levine

This new book focuses on how to play (or “comp”) behind a jazz soloist. It is a step-by-step guide to basic comping rhythms, voicings, and progressions — as played by the masters!

Topics Covered Include:

  • Basic rhythms and voicings for comping.
  • 11 note-for-note transcriptions of Bud Powell, Horace Silver, Tadd Dameron, and Barry Harris comping behind the soloist.
  • 3 modified transcriptions in the style of Red Garland, Sonny Clark, and Bobby Timmons comping behind the soloist.
  • Comping guides, rhythms, and progressions derived from the transcriptions.
  • Over 80 comping exercises aimed at getting the concepts under your fingers.
  • 2 CD downloads containing demonstrations and play-along tracks.
  • Interviews about the art of comping by Harold Mabern and Renee Rosnes.
  • Spiral-bound, 272 pages!

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Brilliant pianist Jeb Patton has created an insightful and definitive book on comping. The subject is explored from all angles including a thorough study of rhythmic and voicing styles, and it contains plenty of written examples and suggested listening to go along with the text. There really is no other book like it, and I've no doubt that “The Essentials” will be an indispensable guide to comping for generations of jazz pianists to come!”
— Renee Rosnes

Jeb, being as thorough as he is, came up with this unique idea showing how the great jazz pianists accompanied or “comped” behind soloists. He has done the homework for aspiring jazz piano players. Thanks to Jeb Patton.”
— Jimmy Heath

This is an incredibly valuable aid to anybody who has tuned into the amazing legacy of a very special field in jazz known as "comping." This is the first of its kind; a treasure in my opinion. And, it's coming from a guy who has been in the trenches, writing from his experience playing on the bandstand.”
— Monty Alexander

This book is about to become an immeasurable bridge in the hope of keeping real Jazz alive in the future. Jeb is putting his love of the music out into the world in such an immediately accessible, universally useful way.”
— Benny Green

This book fills a huge need. Comping is an often over-looked area of piano playing by young players. Jeb Patton is a terrific pianist who has written a book that will, no doubt, become an essential resource for pianists and piano students for generations to come.”
— David Berkman

Jeb Patton is a highly regarded jazz pianist known for his expressive style and innovation. A magna cum laude graduate in music from Duke University, he's had extensive experience performing with and arranging for numerous jazz artists. Career milestones include performing at significant events like Jimmy Heath’s 75th and 90th birthday celebrations at Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. Patton has also been a dedicated protégé of Jimmy Heath and has contributed to various noteworthy performances, including collaborations with Antonio Hart and Percy Heath.