365 Days of Practice

by Rick Margitza

A unique guide on how to deepen your practice routine from one of the masters of contemporary jazz!

  • 365 Days of Practice is the result of a project by Rick Margitza in which he posted an idea online every day during the year 2020.
  • The exercises cover a broad spectrum of musical ideas that range from basic bebop language to its transformation into contemporary jazz. See sample pages below.

This is a masterpiece! If you are looking for concepts and music to practice to expand your horizons, this book will be your friend for life.”
— Jerry Bergonzi

  • The lines are often totally unique and will enlarge your melodic pallette considerably!
  • Includes an extensive introductory chapter outlining Rick's practice method, learned from Gary Campbell, who was also Michael Brecker's teacher.

An encyclopedia of great short exercises to give you ideas for soloing in a modern context. Highly recommended without reservation!”
— Richie Beirach

  • The book also includes access to audio files for each example that Rick created and plays along with. Very helpful for ingraining the sounds of these exercises in your musical memory!
  • 365 Days of Practice can be used by musicians of all levels, on any instrument. 171 pages. Spiral-bound. Don't miss it!

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Rick Margitza's 365 Days of Practice is a masterpiece! It lays out the fundamentals in such a clear fashion and adds a little spice to it as well. If you are looking for concepts and music to practice to expand your horizons as well as your vocabulary, this book will be your friend for life. Thank You, Rick!”
— Jerry Bergonzi

His new book: 365 Days of Practice by the great saxophonist Rick Margitza, explains in depth his methodology for expanding one's Jazz Vocabulary. There are not only 365 audio play-along examples, but also the clearest, most concise and to the point explanation of this daily method of practice, and it's genesis, that I've yet seen. So please avail yourself this unique learning opportunity, and check out this book!”
— Randy Brecker

Rick Margitza is a wonderful saxophonist with a unique sound and approach. He has laid out a year's worth of daily practice exercises that pinpoint various areas of focus in the art of compositional improvising. This is a fascinating book. I look forward to absorbing the contents!”
— Bob Mintzer

This is an outstanding study of the inner workings of Rick Margitza's passion, dedication and practice regime. If you are serious about getting yourself together on your horn, this book will set you on your way to develop a way of playing and practicing that is all your own. You have to dig deep inside your soul to be free and expressive. This book is a deep study that could open up your mind and fuel your imagination for a lifetime. Thank You, Rick for sharing your ideas in such a beautiful, heartfelt way. Bravo!”
— Joe Lovano

Rick has done a big service to jazz literature with an encyclopedia of great short exercises that the student can easily use to gather skills and ideas for soloing in a modern context. This book is a great idea because it makes practicing a kind of ritual. It can be so interesting to practice using Rick's method! Highly recommended without reservation!”
— Richie Beirach

Congratulations on completing your excellent and compelling work. This book shows the kind of lucidity and intelligence that has informed your playing and overall musical thought since we met years ago, when you were still in your teens. I look forward to the fun of further enriching my own conception through studying your rich examples within this tome.”
— Bob Mover

With this book, Rick presents a path forward for those who are serious about developing as performing artists, composers, and educators. These routines, while based on the tradition that has inspired jazz artists since the beginning, go further by presenting methods with the potential to advance the jazz language beyond style - into the inner architecture of this music. I feel that Rick's book 365 Days of Practice is essential for a serious study of jazz music going forward.”
— Gary Campbell

Rick Margitza
Rick Margitza, a Detroit-born saxophonist, trained in classical and jazz saxophone, has studied at several prestigious institutions and played with renowned artists like McCoy Tyner and Miles Davis. He has released 10 albums, composed orchestral works, and is part of the Gypsy Tenors. Residing in Paris since 2003, Margitza is also involved in jazz education, conducting master classes worldwide. His recent works include Cheap Thrills and Sacred Hearts.