Sample Endorsements

You know, for what you have given to the music we love called jazz you should be acknowledged with a Jazz Master Prize or some kind of lifetime achievement award. I know you are not looking for it, but bro, it's Right! I remember all those years ago when you were putting together your first New Real Books, it was revolutionary. Your honesty and insistence on actually paying us royalties for the use of our music was shocking and totally cool! And your tenacious approach to accuracy was refreshing and inspiring! It's really a simple equation — you cared — and still care! ”
— Richie Beirach

There's a Mark Levine book called 'The Jazz Theory Book.' I would suggest getting it and doing two pages a day just to study it and learn to read some basic piano, even if you can only pick out one note at a time. As you work through it you'll notice the way you hear and the way you sing will automatically start to change. It's like looking at the world and not knowing it's all blurry — you can make your way through, but then you get glasses and everything gets clearer and clearer. I think that's really important.”
— Esperanza Spalding

Randy Vincent is an extraordinary musician. With this book, he gives a clear way to illuminate harmonies in the most sensible and transparent way.”
— Pat Metheny

Terrific publication. Great collection of tunes and really nicely presented and printed.”
— Chick Corea

An excellent book, useful to beginners as well as advanced players.”
— Michael Brecker

Thank you for the immense mountain of essential study materials you've generated. I've seen a few generations of players come up with insanely evolved skills, and I hold you responsible for a lot of them. It's a remarkable life's work you've made, and it clearly ain't over yet.”
— Steve Swallow

Mark Levine is a wellspring of knowledge on modern jazz piano playing. His books are invaluable tools in aiding the aspiring pianist. Furthermore, his brilliant playing is proof that he knows what he's talking about.”
— Mulgrew Miller

Chuck Sher has put together a book the way that it should be done. Done in a very fine fashion.”
— Joe Henderson

Undoubtedly the finest book of its kind available today... Sher's book demonstrates a profound understanding of the nature of improvisation... Recommended for any and all bassists, classical, jazz or rock. Teachers of improvisation will find it the only reliable and comprehensive text available.”
— International Society of Bassists Newsletter

Jeb Patton has written a well-conceived and well-thought-out book about the art of comping for pianists. It's full of examples of voicings and rhythms and interviews with top musicians discussing the art of comping. A great book!”
— Kenny Barron

Wonderful for beginners and just as great for professionals.”
— Ron Carter

In a world deeply populated with music books, this a special one that teaches how to accompany in an insightful and approachable way. Thanks to Mike's musical wisdom and experience, it fills a gap that finally addresses how to really do it!”
— Michael Feinstein

Chuck Sher and Marc Johnson have given us a wonderful book. [...] It's a pleasure to encounter a Bass Method so well conceived and executed.”
— Bass Player Magazine

Randy Vincent is a master player and teacher. The information in this book is very thorough and complete and the insights he offers are invaluable to anyone who is interested in improvising. This is a most welcome addition to the world of jazz pedagogy. Thanks, Randy!”
— Bruce Forman

Thoughtfully conceived, informative, concise, and organized with the needs of the young musician in mind.”
— Eddie Gomez

The only bass book you will need.”
— Paul Jackson

Life does not live and grow in a vacuum; someone out there is contributing to everyone else's growth. There's not one country that I have been to that the musicians weren't using some of your books. You guys don't realize how much you have helped musicians all over the world. Very few people can say or claim that, Chuck.”
— Henry Johnson

What a great book! Randy Vincent has given us a huge amount of material we guitar players can use when we're listening and reacting to what's going on around us. This is so practical and so rare! Thanks, Randy!”
— Jim Hall

Your publications have contributed more to jazz education than any other publisher. Some others are good too, but yours give so much more depth and insight into the art of improvising.”
— Bob Magnusson

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you have done for the music community at large and for myself personally. Your contribution has made an indelible impact on jazz and latin music education. ”
— Wayne Wallace

You guys are the absolute best music publishing company - it's not even close - there's not another songbook publisher that does anything nearly as well as what you do. Thank you!”
— John Willingham

I have a great deal of love and respect for Sher and own a fair number of your books (Levine, all, Patton both (fantastic!), Galper (natch), Berkman, Finnerty). They are the only books that have given me real, lasting, value. Thanks! ”
— Lew Friedland

Thank you for the the noble work you do! Your books have been an invaluable resource personally and professionally”
— David Arnay, USC Thornton School of Music

This is great promotion, Chuck and honestly more than many of the big publishing houses do. Most of them just don't understand how to promote a jazz book. Let's hope it all helps get the word out to the right audience.”
— Rick Lawn

Thank you, Chuck — you are such an incredible angel to musicians everywhere — I love your work.”
— Michael Peloquin