The Real Easy Book - Vol. 3

A Short History of Jazz

by Sher Music Co.

Sold in USA only

What is the job of all jazz educators?
  • To expose their kids to the wide world of jazz
  • To help them to enjoy learning how to improvise
  • To help them discover the particular kind of jazz that will inspire them the most.

This fake book/history text will help you do that more than any other single publication available!

Easy, but classic, jazz tunes from all eras and styles of jazz!

Trad Jazz
The Swing Era
Classic Bebop
West Coast Jazz

The Blue Note Era
Contemporary Jazz
“Groove” Jazz
Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Jazz

History text in front of each section describes each era and its musical innovations. These short histories of each style of jazz really give the flavor of each era, as well as a discussion of the contributions of each one to the evolution of the music.

Educational material - Page 2 of each tune includes all the things a band director might need to write out for their students:

  • Scales for Soloing
  • Piano Voicings
  • Complete chorus of a Sample Bass Line
  • Guitar Diagrams

Educational material developed in conjunction with Stanford Jazz Workshop. It works!

Special Features

  • Each era includes both beginning and intermediate level tunes.
  • Features 5-10 tunes from each historical era of jazz. The wide variety of styles included means that every jazz combo will be able to find exactly the material that fits their needs.
  • Separate horn harmonies parts for some of the Trad Jazz tunes (to give that authentic Dixieland feeling)
  • Many extras — like sample drum grooves, sample comping patterns, Mark Levine essay on scales and chords, complete discography, great photos,etc.
  • Tune selection includes a generous helping of “non-swing” tunes to help younger players gain a foothold into jazz.

The end result is a multi-dimensional teaching tool that will keep band directors and their students smiling all year long!

  • Available in C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef versions!
  • Spiral-bound, 200 pages!