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  1. 101 Montunos - by Rebeca Mauleon-Santana. Best method book ever published on how to play piano in all the Afro-Cuban styles.
  2. 365 Days of Practice - by Rick Margitza. A high-level guide to practicing from one of the masters of contemporary jazz. New!
  3. Afro-Caribbean Grooves for Drumset - by Jean-Philippe Fanfant. Over 100 rhythms from a dozen Caribbean countries arranged for drumset, including CD download with both audio and visual files. In English and French. Endorsed by Peter Erskine & Horacio Hernandez.
  4. Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble - by Hector Morales. The most comprehensive book ever published on Afro-Peruvian percussion, including material for the cajon, drumset, congas, bongos, etc, as well as a full-length DVD showing how to play each instrument and how they all sound in live performances.
  5. All-Jazz Real Book - Original compositions by most of the great contemporary and bebop jazz composers - Miles, Bill Evans, Brecker, Scofield, Jobim, Trane. Includes a free CD download!
  6. An Approach to Comping - by Jeb Patton. Shows how the masters of bebop piano comped behind jazz soloists, complete with many transcriptions — endorsed by Benny Green & Monty Alexander.
  7. An Approach to Comping - Vol. 2 - by Jeb Patton. Advanced Concepts and Techniques explores the comping styles of modern jazz pianists. It is a step-by-step guide to comping rhythms, voicings, and progressions - as played by the masters.
  8. At the Speed of Twilight - A unique blend of jazz, classical, fusion and world music by brilliant Bay Area composer Charles Stevens!
  9. Authors Page - Alphabetical listing of Sher Music authors and their publications.
  10. Best of Sher Music Co. Real Books - A collection of over 100 of the most well-known tunes selected from all the Sher Music fake books.
  11. Blog - The Official Blog of Sher Music Co.
  12. Blues Scales - by Dan Greenblatt. Only book ever published showing the beginning jazz soloist how to improvise a real solo using only scales, the Major and Minor Blues Scales.
  13. Bob Mover Jazz Lexicon - by Bob Mover. Over 400 intervallic and diatonic patterns that will greatly improve your improvising - endorsed by dozens of jazz legends! New!
  14. Books by Mark Levine
  15. Books by Randy Vincent
  16. Books for Students
  17. Brazilian Guitar Book - by Nelson Faria. Best book ever published on how to play guitar in all the important Brazilian styles.
  18. Building Solo Lines from Cells - A practical method for developing the ability to create convincing jazz solos in a wide variety of playing situations.
  19. CD Downloads - Free downloads of the CDs that accompany the books that have an audio component.
  20. Chuck Sher Interview - Jazz Inside NY magazine interview with Chuck Sher.
  21. Chuck Sher's Jazz Radio Show - "World's Greatest Jazz Fake Book" publisher shares his CD collection with jazz fans monthly via the internet.
  22. Complete List of Tunes - Alphabetical Index
  23. Concepts for Bass Soloing - by Chuck Sher & Marc Johnson. Only book ever published showing bassists how to create beautiful, horn-like melodies, with 2 CD download of Marc Johnson demonstrating the ideas.
  24. Conga Drummer's Guidebook - by Michael Spiro. Only book on the market for intermediate to advanced conga drummers, showing not just what to play but how to make it feel like the pros.
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  26. Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar - by Neff Irizarry. The most comprehensive book ever written on Latin jazz guitar playing — from its roots in Afro-Cuban music to the great contemporary masters!
  27. Dealers Page - Sher Music ordering information and catalog for dealers.
  28. Decoding Afro-Cuban Jazz - by Chucho Valdés & Rebeca Mauleón. The most authoritative guide to learning Afro-Cuban music ever published.
  29. Digital Books - Sher Music now has legal digital versions of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and many other books, for use with the iPad, Kindle and other digital readers.
  30. Digital Real Book - Over 800 downloadable charts from Sher Music's world-famous fake books.
  31. Digital Standards Songbook - Downloadable lead sheets for 176 great standards by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, Jobim and many more!
  32. Drum Chart Supplement - by Alan Hall. The Real Easy Book just got better with the publication of the Drum Chart Supplement - the best beginning drum book on the market!
  33. El Libro del Jazz Piano - por Mark Levine. El método de piano de jazz más aclamados jamás publicada!
  34. Endorsements
  35. Essential Grooves - by Dan Moretti, Matthew Nicholl and Oscar Stagnaro. Features 41 different rhythm section grooves for every style from funk to hip hop to jazz to salsa. Multi-track DVD and audio included to play-along with, loop, or use as the foundation for creating original grooves.
  36. European Real Book - A collection of songs by many of Europe's greatest contemporary jazz composers - Kenny Wheeler, Michel Petrucciani, Claus Ogerman, Tim Garland,
  37. Faber Music - Sher Music's exclusive European/UK distributor.
  38. Facebook - Sher Music's Facebook page. Like us!
  39. Fake Books
  40. Flamenco Improvisation: Vol. 1 - by Enrique Vargas. Exercises and guitar fingerings for the seven Greek modes, one of the two main sources of flamenco harmonic material.
  41. Flamenco Improvisation: Vol. 2 - by Enrique Vargas. Complete exposition of the Arabic music basis of flamenco, explaining all the traditional flamenco modes.
  42. Flamenco Improvisation: Vol. 3 - by Enrique Vargas. A thorough discussion of harmonic techniques used in contemporary flamenco improvisation. Unparalleled!
  43. Forward Motion - by Hal Galper. A landmark book on how to play jazz so that the phrasing swings, i.e. how to create forward motion in your solo lines.
  44. Foundation Exercises for Bass - by Chuck Sher. A complete method book for learning all the fundamentals of bass playing needed for any style of music. Endorsed by Steve Swallow, Marc Johnson,
  45. Guitarist's Introduction to Jazz - by Randy Vincent. The ultimate jazz guitar reference book! Contains detailed explanations and exercises on virtually everything a guitarist needs to start playing jazz with others!
  46. Home
  47. How to Voice Standards at the Piano: The Menu - by Mark Levine. A succinct guide to creating hip chord voicings for jazz pianists — invaluable!
  48. Improvisor's Bass Method - by Chuck Sher. Bass improvisations book, filled with information and exercises on all aspects of bass playing, for both acoustic and electric bass.
  49. Inner Drumming - by George Marsh. Drumset Exercises for Developing Body/Mind Awareness.
  50. Inside the Brazilian Rhythm Section - by Nelson Faria & Cliff Korman. The first comprehensive book to show how to play the most important styles of Brazilian music - samba, bossa, afoxe, choro, Complete instruction for bass, drums, guitar and piano.
  51. Instagram - Sher Music's Instagram page!
  52. Introduction to Jazz Piano: A Deep Dive - by Jeb Patton. A comprehensive text on all the things an aspiring pianist needs to know in order to play jazz.
  53. Introduction to the Conga Drum DVD - by Michael Spiro. The first comprehensive instructional DVD for beginning conga drummers or anyone needing a solid foundation in good conga drum technique.
  54. Jazz Arrangements of Public Domain Songs - A collection of jazz arrangements of classic American tunes given new life by the great Chuck Israels.
  55. Jazz Guitar Soloing: The Cellular Approach - by Randy Vincent. A guide to soloing for the serious jazz guitarist, using short cells to create long, flowing lines.
  56. Jazz Guitar Voicings: The Drop 2 Book - by Randy Vincent. A thorough look at how to play full, chordal melodies in the style of Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, etc, using "drop 2" voicings. With 2 CD download. Endorsed by Julian Lage, John Stowell.
  57. Jazz Harmony Book - by David Berkman. Course in how to harmonize any melody, from Silent Night to advanced jazz compositions — an instant classic, endorsed by Kenny Werner, Fred Hersch.
  58. Jazz Method Books
  59. Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing - by David Berkman. Only book on the market showing how to make your hours in the woodshed productive and fun!
  60. Jazz Piano Book - by Mark Levine. World's best selling jazz piano method book, simply because it is the best. Used in universities world-wide.
  61. Jazz Piano Masterclass: The Drop 2 Book - by Mark Levine. Shows how to use "drop 2" voicings to create the block chord sound essential to mainstream jazz piano playing.
  62. Jazz Saxophone Book - by Tim Armacost. The ultimate guide to playing saxophone — for anyone from beginners to professionals.
  63. Jazz Scores and Analysis - by Rick Lawn. Complete charts and analysis of big band compositions by Vince Mendoza, John Fedchock, Bob Mintzer, Darcy James Argue, John Hollenbeck and Jim McNeely.
  64. Jazz Scores and Analysis, Vol. 2 - by Richard Lawn. Fully annotated scores and analysis of ten great jazz orchestral pieces with strings.
  65. Jazz Singer's Guidebook - by David Berkman. Witty, engaging and comprehensive, The Jazz Singer's Guidebook is the first in-depth course in jazz harmony and scat singing for the serious vocalist ever published.
  66. Jazz Solos of Chick Corea - by Peter Sprague. Many of Chick Corea's best solos transcribed for any instrument (single melody line only, not complete piano scores).
  67. Jazz Songbook Series: Vol. 1 - The Jazz Songbook Series consists of ten separate, digital-only books by great jazz composers like Tom Harrell, Kenny Barron, Carla Bley, etc. — all charts direct from the composers' lead sheets!
  68. Jazz Songbook Series: Vol. 2 - The Jazz Songbook Series: Vol. 2 consists of ten separate, digital-only books by great jazz composers like Benny Golson, Randy Brecker, Andy Narell, etc. — all charts direct from the composers' lead sheets!
  69. Jazz Songs for the Student Violinist - by Joanne Keefe & Kevin M. Mitchell. Compatible with any classical violin method, levels 1-5. Violin and piano accompaniment both.
  70. Jazz Theory Book - by Mark Levine. The Best-selling jazz theory book ever published, simply because it is the best. Used in universities world-wide and translated into 5 languages.
  71. Language of the Masters - by Michael Spiro and Michael Coletti. Transcriptions and Etudes of 10 Great Latin Percussion Artists.
  72. Latin Bass Book: A Practical Guide - by Oscar Stagnaro and Chuck Sher. Only comprehensive bass book ever published on how to create bass lines in Afro-Cuban, Brazilian & South American styles - with 3 CD download!
  73. Latin Music Books
  74. Latin Real Book - Contemporary and classic salsa, latin jazz and Brazilian music arrangements, exactly as recorded, to help your band play in authentic Latin styles.
  75. Latin Real Book Sampler CD - 12 of the original recordings of tunes in The Latin Real Book re-issued - by the original artists.
  76. Latin Real Easy Book - Salsa/Afro-Cuban, Brazilian music and Latin jazz charts presented in "Real Easy" format, with educational material tailored for each tune.
  77. Line Games - by Randy Vincent. An In-Depth Study of Single-Note Lines for Guitar. Full of practical and inspiring approaches to creating jazz solos on guitar - many with fingerings and string selection included.
  78. Links - Sher Music Co. links to other quality music-related sites.
  79. Logic and Critical Thinking in Jazz Improvisation - by Vincent Herring. Great saxophonist Vincent Herring lays out the crucial elements of jazz improvisation in an easy to understand, yet comprehensive book. New!
  80. Metaphors for the Musician - by Randy Halberstadt. This practical and enlightening book will help any jazz player or vocalist look at music with new eyes - music theory, but with a human touch.
  81. Method for Chromatic Harmonica - by Max De Aloe. Method for Chromatic Harmonica by Max De Aloe (endorsed by Toots Thielemans) is the first book to fully treat the chromatic harmonica as a legitimate instrument, with scale studies in every key, arpeggios exercises, rhythmic and melodic fluency studies, and a great play-along CD download too!
  82. Minor is Major - by Dan Greenblatt. The most comprehensive study ever published of minor-key harmony. Endorsed by Jerry Bergonzi, George Cables, Jim Snidero, Rachel Z and Billy Harper.
  83. Modern Etudes for Solo Trumpet - by Cameron Pearce. Hip, modern written etudes, including CD tracks played by Terell Stafford, Dave Douglas, Ingrid Jensen, etc.
  84. Music of the Arara Savalu Cabildo - by Joseph C. Galvin and Michael Spiro. Music of the Arara Savalu Cabildo is an in-depth method book for all those interested in Afro-Cuban folkloric music, complete with extensive transcriptions of the songs and rhythms from this beautiful Cuban tradition.
  85. Muy Caliente! - A smoking Afro-Cuban Play-Along CD and book featuring Rebeca Mauleon, Orestes Vilato and Oscar Stagnaro.
  86. New Books
  87. New Orleans Trumpet - by Jim Thornton. Learn trad jazz music skills from an insider. Music theory, history and more - makes learning fun!
  88. New Real Book - Digital Edition - Digital edition of the best selling legal jazz fake book of all time!
  89. New Real Book - Vol. 1 - Best selling legal jazz fake book of all time, simply because it is the best.
  90. New Real Book - Vol. 2 - More high-class jazz and standards, featuring Chick Corea, Coltrane and Horace Silver transcriptions.
  91. New Real Book - Vol. 3 - Another world-class jazz fake book, featuring some great Motown & Stevie Wonder tunes too.
  92. Newsletter - Get notified of new books and more!
  93. On Piracy by Chuck Sher - An essay by Chuck Sher on why buying illegal fake books is simply wrong.
  94. Pinterest - Sher Music's Pinterest page. Pin us!
  95. Play-Along CDs for The New Real Book - Vol. 1 - Three play-along CDs of tunes in The New Real Book, Vol.1, featuring world-class rhythm sections. Now available as digital downloads on iTunes and Amazon too!
  96. Playing for Singers - by Mike Greensill. The most comprehensive book ever published on how pianists should accompany singers in the jazz or cabaret traditions. Endorsed by Michael Feinstein and Larry Dunlap.
  97. Poetic Musings by Chuck Sher
  98. Poetry+Jazz: A Magical Marriage - A unique CD audiobook! Great poetry + great jazz = some real magic!
  99. Practice Notebooks of Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker's own practice notebooks beautifully re-engraved. A woodshed bible! New!
  100. Reading, Writing and Rhythmetic - by Roberta Radley. A comprehensive course in developing the skills necessary to transcribe music off of recordings, by head of Berklee College Ear Training Dept.
  101. Real Cool Book - The only collection of transcribed West Coast, 1950s 'cool jazz' charts for five-horn jazz octet ever published by Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Shorty Rogers, Gil Evans, Lennie Niehuas and more.
  102. Real Cool Book - Replacement Parts
  103. Real Easy Book - Vol. 1: Tunes for Beginning Improvisers - Designed for high school or even middle school jazz combos, The Real Easy Book features simple jazz tunes and all the instructional material a teacher needs for each tune.
  104. Real Easy Book - Vol. 2: Supplemental Parts
  105. Real Easy Book - Vol. 2: Tunes For Intermediate Improvisers - Great for school jazz combos, private teachers or any musician who likes jazz!
  106. Real Easy Book - Vol. 3: A Short History of Jazz - Classroom-friendly fake book featuring easy tunes from each era of jazz, plus history text on the evolution of the music.
  107. Real Easy Ear Training Book - by Roberta Radley. The most comprehensive, practical guide ever published on how to hear the harmonic movement of chords in any style of music, by the co-chair of Berklee College of Music Ear Training Department.
  108. Report Piracy URL - At Sher Music we take piracy very seriously and are appreciative of your help in our efforts to reduce the illegal distribution of our publications. Please submit the URL of any suspicious page you know of and we will check it out. Thank you!
  109. Rhythm Changes Guide - by Lukas Gabric. The most comprehensive guide for rhythm changes ever published, offering a wealth of information for beginners and professionals alike.
  110. Rhythm First! - by Tom Kamp. A Beginner's Guide to Jazz Improvisation
  111. Sale Page - Sher Music's official sale page.
  112. Salsa Guidebook for Piano & Ensemble - by Rebeca Mauleon. "The Salsa Bible" is a complete method book on understanding how Afro-Cuban music is put together.
  113. Sample Pages - A list of sample pages of Sher Music Co. books
  114. Serious Jazz Book II: The Harmonic Approach - by Barry Finnerty. A complete guide to mastering harmony for any jazz soloist. Includes extensive music theory, and hundreds of exercises and musical examples.
  115. Serious Jazz Practice Book - by Barry Finnerty. A jazz version of Slonimsky's Thesaurus, which gives the reader hundreds and hundreds of cool patterns to play on the scales, chords and intervals that make up jazz songs.
  116. Services - Hire the Sher Music Co. team!
  117. Sher Music Logos - Official logos of Sher Music.
  118. Sources - Published music, manuscripts, records, and other sources used in creating the charts in the All-Jazz, European, Latin, New Real, Real Easy, Standards, and World's Greatest fakebooks.
  119. Standards Real Book - 550+ pages of jazz standard transcriptions, don't go to the gig without it.
  120. Support - In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.
  121. Syncopation Companion - by Bryan Bowman. Syncopation Companion is a contemporary, updated look at Ted Reed's classic drumming text - invaluable!
  122. Teoría del Jazz - por Mark Levine. El libro de la teoría de jazz más vendido jamás publicado, simplemente porque es el mejor. Se utiliza en las universidades en todo el mundo y traducido a 5 idiomas.
  123. Three-note Voicings and Beyond - by Randy Vincent. A thorough study of how to construct and use these crucial jazz guitar voicings. Glowing endorsements from Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Ben Monder and others.
  124. True Cuban Bass - by Carlos Del Puerto & Silvio Vergara. First great Afro-Cuban bass book, written by Irakere's Carlos del Puerto, with 2 CD download of Carlos demonstrating the ideas &/or historical Cuban recordings, with analysis.
  125. Tunes Search - Search indices of the Digital Standards Songbook, World's Greatest Fakebook, Latin Real Book, All-Jazz Real Book, New Real Books: Vols. 1-3, Real Easy Books: Vols. 1-3, Latin Real Easy Book, European Real Book, Best of Sher Music Real Books, and the Standards Real Book.
  126. Twitter - Sher Music's Twitter page. Follow us!
  127. Walking Bass Line Construction - F Blues - by Bob Sinicrope. A complete method for beginning jazz bassists to learn how to walk through chord changes. New!
  128. Walking Bassics: The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing - by Ed Fuqua. Method book showing beginning bassists how to construct solid walking bass lines, including swinging play-along CD download. Endorsed by Eddie Gomez & Jimmy Haslip.
  129. Wisdom of the Hand - by Marius Nordal. A Guide to the Jazz Pentatonic Scales
  130. World's Greatest Fake Book - Sher Music Co.'s first fake book with tunes by Bill Evans, Miles, Coltrane, Weather Report, the Yellowjackets, Scofield,
  131. Yellowjackets Songbook - 20 of the best Yellowjackets songs with separate books for each player. Endorsed by Russ Ferrante.
  132. YouTube - Sher Music's official YouTube channel!