Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar
Vol. 2: Solos

by Neff Irizarry

All followers of this music, regardless of the instrument they play, should purchase a copy and study it.”
— Arturo O'Farrill

With this book, you will gain invaluable insights into the improvisational tools used by some of the most influential Tres, Cuatro, Requinto, and Guitar players. The meticulous analysis of these elements—note choices, articulation, phrasing, and sound—reveals the unique aspects of each player's style and highlights the common threads that bind traditional and contemporary players in shaping Latin Jazz Guitar.

  • Comprehensive Transcriptions: Delve into 54 meticulously transcribed solos from legends such as Steve Khan, George Benson, Bruce Forman, Peter Bernstein, Arsenio Rodriguez, Yomo Toro, Carlos Emilio Morales, and Edgardo Miranda, among others. Each transcription is a masterclass in itself, offering you a firsthand look at the techniques and styles of these iconic musicians.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of the note choices, articulation, phrasing, and sound that define each solo, providing a clear path to incorporating these techniques into your own playing. See the value for yourself in the sample pages below!
  • Play-Along Compositions: Practice with specially designed compositions that allow you to apply the insights and techniques learned from the transcriptions in a practical, engaging manner.
  • Explore the Fusion of Afro Cuban and Jazz Bebop: Through detailed analysis, Irizarry uncovers the techniques that connect traditional and contemporary players within this rich musical tradition.

With a special focus on the Afro Cuban 6/8 bembe rhythmic pattern, this book offers step-by-step examples and clear insights to enhance your improvisational skills. Add more "Sabor" to your music with the wisdom of the masters in Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar Vol 2: Solos.

A 337 page masterpiece of valuable information for all serious guitarists!

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This book represents the importance of preserving the musical identity through melodic and rhythmic vocabulary of each of the string instruments that represent Latin American music diversity from Traditional to Latin Jazz. Neff's work is an important contribution to Music Education by the detailed transcriptions that cover a wide variety of genres and artists.”
— Oscar Stagnaro, Renowned Bassist, Composer, Author, Professor and Latin Music Studies advisor at Berklee College of Music

Master Guitarist Neff Irizarry has contributed in a mighty way to understanding, preserving, presenting and educating the world about Latin Jazz. There is simply no other work that is as comprehensive, accessible, and embracing of this specialized performance practice. In Latin music the guitar plays a particularly important role as so much of this music was formed in the countrysides of places like Cuba, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Places where pianos sometimes are not readily available. Neff's musical analysis of the accompaniment and improvisatory functions of the instrument are a must and it is my suggestion that all followers of this music, regardless of the instrument they play, purchase a copy and study it.”
— Arturo O'Farrill, Grammy Award Winning Pianist, Composer, Arranger

Neff Irizarry's profound dedication to the study of traditional and contemporary Latin jazz styles is evident in this book. Besides being an excellent jazz guitarist, Irizarry's presentation of the subject and its relevance for the modern instrumentalist is a clear indication of his deep research and highly methodical approach. The beautiful melodic examples are clearly written and analyzed in a concise and logical manner while providing a broad spectrum of appropriate stylistic vocabulary. This book is an excellent source and it should be included in the library of every instrumentalist, composer and arranger interested in the art of contemporary Latin jazz performance. Latin jazz is not a side dish, but a main course and there is a lot to be digested here!”
— Victor Mendoza, Vibraphonist, Latin Jazz Artist, Composer, and former Berklee College of Music Professor

Neff Irizarry has produced yet another rich compilation of musical ideas in the world of Latin Jazz. As in his first book, Neff's new book Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar Volume II, Neff offers us a vast treasure trove of ideas from great musicians inspired to work in this fascinating world.”
— Jon Damian, Professor Emeritus, Berklee College of Music

Learning a musical style takes much effort, both in research and application. Neff Irizarry's Contemporary Latin Jazz Volume 1 wonderfully shows how to work toward becoming an accompanist in the world of Latin Jazz Guitar. This second volume tackles the art of improvisation — soloing in the style. Through the use of theory and analysis of solos by the masters, Neff has created a foolproof method of study for every guitarist interested in learning this style. My hats off to Neff — this is the real deal!”
— Larry Baione, Chair Emeritus, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

Neff Irizarry is a masterful musician and great practitioner of Latin music on the guitar. He has written an incredibly thorough and comprehensive book on Latin music and how it relates to the guitar. There is no other book like this to my knowledge. It is truly inspiring and presents a beautiful window into this musical world. For those relatively unfamiliar with this tradition (like myself), it will give a rich introduction into how deep this water is and for those already familiar it provides so much detail and connects all the threads of how the guitar can function in this music. I look forward to diving deeper into all the amazing examples of the guitar and tres in traditional Latin music. It is a book that will provide a lifetime of study.Thank you Neff!!”
— Peter Bernstein, Renowned Jazz Guitarist

If there is one person who can clearly explain the secrets of the guitar in Latin Jazz, it is Neff Irizarry. He navigates effortlessly through all the waters of modern guitar, Jazz, and Latin Jazz.”
— Israel Sandoval, Spanish renowned guitar Artist, Professor Graduate Program, Berklee Valencia

Forget online searches — this book is what you need for Latin Jazz Guitar!! Neff Irizarry has distinguished himself through his exemplary work in this companion book to volume I. Clear, concise explanations with great examples. Either book can stand on it's own but together they form a comprehensive discourse. If you want to immerse yourself in Latin Jazz guitar, get this book!”
— Brent Fischer, Grammy Award Winning Producer, Composer, Arranger

Neff Irizarry
Neff Irizarry is a guitarist, composer, educator, and author specializing in Latin and contemporary Jazz. He has a Master's degree from Berklee College of Music and is featured in Sher Music's “European Real Book.” Neff has performed with Eddie Henderson, Jimmy Haslip, Victor Mendoza, Brian Melvin, and Julio Romero, among others. Please visit his website for “Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar Vol 2: Solos” instructional videos, the 54 Artist Solo Transcription videos, and the 29 Play-Along tracks featured in the book.